Built with heavy double cotton canvas with single snap closure.Wide inside pocket with zip closure perfect to keep safe your phone, keys and wallet. Comfortable vegetable tanned leather handles and adjustable long strap with nickel plated brass hardware.

Handcrafted in Argentina.

100 % Cotton Canvas & Vegetable Tanned leather

Height /  38 - 14.96”
Width /  33 - 13”
Depth / 10 - 3.94”


This cotton canvas and vegetable tanned leather bag has been crafted by local artisans using the most noble materials.

- To clean, allow any mud to dry, then gently brush off with a soft brush. Any stubborn stains can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and a mild detergent.

- This leather has been tanned slowly in wooden drums, while respecting the environment.

- Our leathers are aniline-dyed in a water bath. The dye used penetrates all layers of the leather and is transparent. This means that the leather’s natural visible pores are preserved. Scars and variations in colour are not covered up, which is why this method can only be used with high-grade skins and hides.

- Each piece made with this leather has unique shades and nuances, which are a mark of genuineness. The lack of consistency in color and tone is not a defect. Instead, it’s a characteristic of natural tanning processes.

- If the leather gets dirty wipe your bag with care using a soft and light-colored cloth.

- We recommend waterproofing and cleaning to be undertaken by leather professionals to ensure longevity.


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